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Accountability Helps You Live Up to Your Potential

I think that one of the most important things we can do to help each other stay on track during the difficult times we are all experiencing is...

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Process Improvement Planning

When it comes to improving operations, companies often jump in with both feet before they have developed a strategic process improvement plan. Someone reads about a methodology that...

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Applying Strategic Thinking Skills for Organizational Success

If you Google the term “Strategic Thinking” you get 455 million results in about .64 seconds! There is certainly no shortage of information about “Strategic Thinking.  However, leaders...

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Trust My Employees – What for?

  • Posted in People by Assured Strategy

My Boss: “You need to start trusting your employees!” Me: “What for?  They’re continually letting me down!” My Boss: “Unless you figure out how to begin trusting your...

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Two Disruptive Patterns

Change them and make employee engagement the norm During a recent Operational GAP Assessment I discovered that our client, like so many other companies, is experiencing the pain...

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Extraordinary Impact from Scaling Up and Leadership Coaching

As a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, I have been applying lean operation methods to support companies by helping them identify process improvements, implement quality management practices,...

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