Do you know your company’s “WHY”? If you think it’s about revenue you should dig deeper. Why did you start the business? Why is it what you do important?

Core Purpose must be established to build clarity inside  your company. It is why you are here, doing what you do every day. Purpose guides us in our journey of accomplishing goals and objectives inside your company or chasing your long-term priority (BHAG ®). Learn more from my blogs on Core Values and BHAG ®.

How to find your Core Purpose?

Don’t think of the products and services you are selling (or the WHAT). Ask yourself “Why is that important?” Write down your answer and ask yourself “Why does that matter?” … Ask these alternating questions five times to get to the deeper reason for being in business.

Let me tell you a story to help you understand what I am talking about and find the answers for yourself.

Once upon a time in 17th century Europe a man was walking in a small town and encountered a construction project in process. As he walked closer to the activity, he saw 3 bricklayers working on the new building. He stopped and asked the first bricklayer… “what are you making?” and he answered somewhat curtly… “can’t you see? I am laying bricks.” The traveler walked a little farther and encountered a second bricklayer and asked… “what are you making?” and he answered with some pride in his voice… “I am building a wall.” Finally, the traveler went a little farther along the road and stopped where a third bricklayer was working, and asked…”what are you making?” and the third man paused, looked the man in the eye with a big smile on his face and full of enthusiasm said…”I am building a cathedral!.”

All 3 were bricklayers, all 3 were working on the same building yet only one saw the purpose and vision in his work.

If you struggle to clearly state your core purpose in one sentence watch this short video blog.

Purpose is one of the main topics in our Scaling Up workshop. Attendees coming out of the workshop will have a clear idea of why they exist, how they differentiate from their competitors and what they need to do to be successful. Register your executive team today!